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Admission Criteria - academic year 2018/19

Master Program in Public and Political Communication

To have access to the Master degree in Public and Political Communication (CPP), students have to own a Bachelor's Degree, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as equivalent under current legislation. Students must have the following curricular skills and show a good groundwork. The enrollment will be possible in case of a good level of knowledge.

The students must document at least

a. 4 ECTS in communication and media studies and political communication fields;

b. 4 ECTS in political communication or scientific fields related to political science.

This requirements check will be by presenting in office for Student the official documents certifying the ECTS in the aforementioned areas. If the minimum curricular requirements are not satisfied, the candidate will have to accomplish some realignment activity. Following this activity, the enrolment will take place after an interview aimed at assessing the candidate's adequate personal preparation.

Foreign students must knowledge the Italian language and have requirements set out. During the interview, aimed to verify the knowledge of the Italian language too, will take place even the assessment of candidate's personal preparation: the interview may be also in English. Personal preparation of the candidates will be verified by an oral test(it is admitted Skype interview). 

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