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Lingua Inglese (ICT) supplementary encounters - schedule

Pubblicato: Mercoledì 24 aprile 2024 da Virginia Zorzi

Dear Students,

As you know, the ICT course will offer a limited number of hours BESIDES the actual 36-hour course to be dedicated, on a voluntary basis, to your preparation for the English language (Lingua Inglese) exam. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work in small groups or individually with a qualified instructor - Dr. Nesrine Triki - to improve your preparation for the exam and strengthen your language proficiency and presentation skills.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take this opportunity to strengthen your abilities and proficiency through practical activities which will be useful for your future careers as well as to take the English exam.

We planned 4 open encounters - anyone can show up, at any number of encounters, preferably bringing their own devices - tablet or notebook/laptop. You can decide when to attend, but if you choose one encounter, you should attend the whole three hours (should any issue arise, let us know).

These encounters will be interactive - a lot of time will be set aside for questions, brainstorming and dialogue - and will be dedicated to helping you with your exam preparation, with a special focus on your speaking and oral presentation, including revisiting key notions covered during the course and required for your presentation.

This will be an opportunity to share doubts and questions you did not have the chance to ask during the course, and to further elaborate on challenging and/or stimulating topics.

If you have any ideas or materials ready for your presentation, come with them at the encounters - there will be room for feedback and discussion!


The encounters ALL take place in room H3 (2nd floor, D4 building, Campus Luigi Einaudi) and are scheduled as follows:

10/05/2024, 2-5 pm

15/05/2024, 3-6 pm

24/05 /2024 2-5 pm

14/06/2024 2-5 pm

If you have any doubts/questions, do not hesitate to contact and 

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