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Courses in English -  Department CPS

Some Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses of the Department of Culture, Politics and Society include English as teaching language.

Some courses are provided in the Bachelor Programs of Cross-Cultural Communication; Social Innovation, Communication, New Technologies; International Science, Development and Cooperation; Political & Social Sciences; Social Work:


Other courses are provided in the Master Programs of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Communication, ICT and Media and International Sciences:


Other Master Program courses provide only some lectures or seminars in English:


Some courses include additional teaching languages:


Some other courses - even if taught only in Italian language, offer the option to take the exam in English or in other languages. Please, check the list below:

List (update in progress)

If you want to find further English courses - taught at the Campus Luigi Einaudi, you can check the website of the "Cognetti De Martiis" Department of Economics and the one of the Department of Law:

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